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Welcome to Staying In Place Busselton, where we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of home care support services to enhance your quality of life as you age, allowing you to continue living comfortably in your own home on your own terms. Our mission is to empower you to age gracefully while staying connected to your community, friends, and support networks.

Empowering Independence Together

At Staying In Place Busselton, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and preserving the familiarity of home. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with InCasa Country, a trusted service provider. Together, we guide you through the intricacies of Home Care Packages, ensuring that your specific needs are not only met but that you feel supported and empowered to Stay In Place.

Our approach is entrenched in personalisation and compassion. We address any concerns related to ageing with sensitivity and provide assistance in determining your eligibility for a Home Care Package. For more detailed information, click the button below.

Empowering Independence Together

What services can I access?

We offer a range of services tailored to meet your individual needs, including light housekeeping, gardening, social outings, transportation to appointments, meal preparation and cooking, meal delivery, social support, as well as nursing and clinical care (*based on individual requirements).

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Comfortable Ageing Assurance

Staying In Place Busselton (SIPB) is committed to relieving you of worries about loneliness, frailty, dependency, disabilities, or isolation if you choose to reside at home in Busselton and surrounding districts until the end of life. Our goal is to create an environment where you can live comfortably and confidently, knowing that you have the necessary care and support to age with dignity.

Comfortable Aging Assurance


What is a HCP?

 A Home Care Package is an Australian government-funded program designed to support older people in maintaining independent living at home. There are four package levels tailored to individual needs, granting recipients autonomy in deciding how to allocate their allocated funds. In collaboration with InCasa Country, our team works alongside you, and the case manager or adviser assists in creating a personalised Care Plan. These packages are established for the long term, subject to periodic reviews to accommodate evolving needs.

How can I get a Home Care Package?

You will need to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to see if you are eligible for a HCP.  We can help you with this, contact us for a confidential chat.

How long does it take to be approved for a Home Care Package

The total process can take some months, depending on the level of support you need.  if you think you require a Home Care Package to be supported better in your home, the sooner you start the application process the better.  We are here to help if you need.

What if I am already with another service provider?

You are entitled to change your service provider if you feel that your needs are not being met or requirements have changed.  There is no fee to do this, and we can work with you to make this happen.

I do not know what assistance I may be eligible for; can you help?

We can work with you to see what assistance is available for you to Stay In Place through My Aged Care.  We can arrange an appointment with you in your home or our Resource Hub and work through the process with you. 

Who is InCasa?

InCasa Aged Care and Community Services is a Perth based, locally owned and approved provider of in-home care for seniors.  Family focussed and with a drive to support small communities, InCasa country enables access to high-quality care and services for older people living in rural or regional WA.

What is Mable?

Mable is a Human Resources platform that connects skilled workers with people looking for aged care support. Staying In Place Busselton coordinates this arrangement on our clients behalf to make sure that the right services are being provided, by the right people, at the right price.

Can I become a support worker for Mable?

If you can hold an Australian ABN and wish to support people in your community to live well then you can work for Mable. Click this link here for more information or contact the concierge for more information.

Do I have a say in who comes to my home?

By partnering with Mable and working closely with our clients SIPB can coordinate a range of workers for various roles.  It is up to the client who they want to provide these services, and our concierge service will help you arrange this.  We can even arrange a no obligation ‘meet and greet’ to see if you have rapport with the people providing services in your home.   We work with you to make sure you are making the choices based on YOUR needs.

Can I change my package requirements if necessary?

Yes, absolutely.  Our partnership with InCasa Country means we can really focus on where your budget needs are and can make changes or tweaks along the way.

What area do you service?

Currently we service Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup districts.

How can I become a member of The Resource Hub?

Email us for an application form and return it to Staying In Place Busselton 5 Craig Street, West Busselton.

I do not drive, can someone come to me?

Yes.  We can come to you in your home if that is more suitable for you.  Reach out if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your HCP or assessment needs.

I do not receive an aged pension, can I still get help?

Anybody over the age of 65 (or 50 for First Nations people) that may need help in their home could be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian Government – check your eligibility here – even if you are self-funded retiree there may be assistance for you under another service.  Check this link here to contact us for a confidential chat.

If people want to be home care contractors, what do they do?

People can register to be a home care contractor or support worker, through Mable and get paid for providing services to people in their community. This can be something as simple as taking a person to appointments, light housekeeping, gardening, social outings or more complex care. For more information visit or contact Mel on 0493 837 423

How are home care contractors / support workers screened? Is it safe?

Home Care contractors are required to undergo a national police clearance, provide 100 points of ID and two references, have current first aid qualifications and complete an online profile on the Mable platform. No personal care or clinical care can be provided unless the contractor has the appropriate nationally recognised qualifications. There is strict governance around incident reporting and all contractors must provide detailed reports after each shift to ensure compliance.

Will you get the same home care contractor each time – is there consistency?

We aim to keep consistency with home care contractors wherever possible and the role of the Staying In Place concierge is to work closely with clients to find the best fit for their needs and contractors that they have rapport with.

Do you have to go through My Aged Care or can you book privately?

Staying In Place Busselton can help clients navigate My Aged Care to access a Home Care Package. Private clients who require home assistance can contact InCasa Country directly to discuss their individual requirements.

What’s stopping you from going onto Mable without going through Staying in Place?

Private clients and the general public can use Mable without needing to go through Staying In Place. Mable isn’t just for Aged Care clients but also for recipients of NDIS funding.

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